Thursday, 20 October 2016

Don't Just sit there......Talk to me!

My preoccupation with furniture and spaces often spills over to other facets of my life and finds itself interacting with people, thoughts and memories that inhabit our quotidian existence. Much like food memory, the symbolic and social nature of spaces sneaks up behind me and manifests in the written word. 

The musty smell of attics for instance, often triggers memories of a life I once inhabited.

Time and again I also come across pieces of furniture that provoke a train of thought and ideas which in turn instigate me to delve deeper into my psyche. 

This synesthetic quality of nooks and corners and other paraphernalia has intrigued me for sometime now. 

It is THIS very, ineffably personal nature of spaces that I am trying to recreate through a collection of poetry and prose titled - Recesses of my mind.

Here is one such piece I wrote............ and 
here's another one :)

In keeping with today's mood I am sharing  images of a few chairs that caught my eye albeit purely for their aesthetic value and ergonomic flair. Enjoy!

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