Monday, 17 October 2016


Just dropping by to say how much I have missed being here and yes Iam guilty of not paying attention to this facet of the bug. Here's hoping the lil fella and all you lovely people will let me   make it up to you. ;)

While there are innumerable stories, thoughts and opinions I have been dying to share with you, let me just begin by saying how  deeply disturbed Iam by the unrest in Kashmir. It saddens me to see how violence, religion and politics have come in the way of art, creative endeavors and entrepreneurship. 

Many artists, designers and writers who work in collaboration with their counterparts in Pakistan as well as Kashmir have had to shelve their work temporarily

So here's hoping against hope that things improve for the better and we are able to find a permanent 
solution to this issue.

Today I came across these gorgeous pieces of art and decided to share them not only for the paintings themselves but also for the manner in which the stylists have incorporated them in these vignettes. 

Hope they serve as a temporary antidote to the despair induced by the tragic events in my world/country as well as yours.