Monday, 31 August 2015

LUST LIST: Yumiko Higuchi

Did you detest your SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) classes when you were in school? Did you ever embroider cushion covers, make pen stands with ice cream sticks or wall hangings with plastic wire? Or did you beg, bribe and butter up your mum, older cousins and aunts to finish the work for you on the pretext that these classes did not really add any value and in no way contributed towards your larger goal of becoming an engineer or doctor? Well, I know a few people who did. :) As for me, I was one of the few who diligently learnt how to embroider, stitch, crochet, knit and make the zillion other artsy crafty things that were taught in these classes. Uncool you say?! Well, you might think otherwise once you finish reading this post ;)

For the past year or so I have been nursing the urge to start embroidering again. Of the million and one DIY projects that I try my hand at, the art of embroidery is one that has not taken precedence yet only because of the patience, meticulous care and time required for the same. But when I came across Japanese embroidery artist Yumiko Higuchi’s work, I was totally smitten by her intricately embroidered creations. And now I can’t wait to rediscover the art of embroidery and relive the joy of painstakingly creating a piece of art with a multitude of colorful threads and fabric.

Yumiko has worked as an embroidery artist since 2008 and also makes bags, purses and other accessories, using the fabric she embroiders. Her website has detailed photo instructions that serve as a pattern guide and you will find clear guides on how to make coin purses, pouches, bows, headband, decorations and collars. Yumiko’s breathtaking designs, crafted with precision and a drool-worthy colour sensibility, will leave you lusting for more. I will now let the pictures speak for themselves and leave you to ogle at these beautiful creations. You can buy Yumiko’s embroidery pattern books on Etsy.