Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Homecoming

Do you know that feeling- when it seems like you have been walking or running for miles together, for hours on end, carrying a heavy load on your back and it feels like the journey will never end? Then you finally arrive at your destination and when you get there, there is someone waiting on the steps to relieve you of your baggage and offer you a foot rub. Do you know what that feels like? So, when I was 18, that's how I would describe the way I wanted to feel when I meet "the one" I want to spend the rest of my life with. In the two decades since then I have come to the conclusion that this feeling can also be realized through other quarters, albeit more platonic ones, like friends and family and sometimes even pets and children. But today, it happens to be these living quarters that I have been stepping into………

 These rooms held my hand and dragged me in as they tugged at my heartstrings with the warmth and familiarity of a long lost love. They stoked the warm fuzzy feeling inside, with a heady concoction of emotions invoked by a sense of deja vu. Now, they make me want to throw my backpack on the floor, kick off my shoes, pull my feet up on the couch and relax. So thats exactly what I do. I decide to enjoy this visual treat in the only way I know- i unburden myself, stretch my weary shoulders, massage my feet, crack my neck and rest my eyes on these cozy,  comfortable nooks that make me want to snuggle for just a little while longer; before I set out on yet another journey, to yet another destination with yet another dream, in my eternal quest for beautiful spaces and a place, that I call home.