Monday, 6 July 2015

Neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride

Eating pulped avocados blended with sugar at my Granny’s, walking barefoot on wet green grass, long rain soaked rides on a green Vespa, two pairs of muddy paws and a mint green collarlush green paddy fields shrouded by a blanket of raindrops and a date with a pair of green eyes and teal green T-Shirt on an uncharacteristically cloudy November afternoon. This is the stuff my monsoon memories are made of. Moments that once bore witness to and are suggestive of ecstatic joy,  Zen-like tranquility and puppy love punctuated by gut-wrenching pain. Kind of bittersweet like lime with a pinch of salt. Much like life, which is a blend of all these emotions, rendered more palatable when consumed with a grain of salt.

Speaking of all things green, Greenwich, the time keeper of the world ought to be on your travel bucket list. Greenwich situated on the southern banks of the river Thames is characterized by baroque architecture, impressive view of London and is also a treasure trove of information on science, navigation and history. While you are in Greenwich, the must see places are the National Maritime Museum which is home to an impressive collection of naval art, Queen's House for its collection of fine art and the Cutty Sark, one of the world’s most famous ships. The village of Greenwich is also a wonderful shopping destination for quirky clothes and stylish furnishings. The Greenwich Clock tower Market is where you'll find vintage and craft items.

This tropical hue is also evocative of a more insidious form of emotion-envy, more specifically décor envy. Décor envy is the overwhelming jealous rage you feel when you come across spaces or décor accessories you wish you owned or had put together yourself. If you want to see your friends, family and neighbors afflicted by this lethal sentiment, join us as the bug and I drive down Limeroad, curating home décor products especially for this monsoon season. So what you waiting for? Hop over to and get your home monsoon ready! Pronto!

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