Friday, 3 July 2015

Mistress of distress

I have been in an ongoing love affair with distressed wood furniture for the past decade or so.  In this time, every carpenter who was unfortunate enough to cross my path has been subjected to the third degree. In my attempts to master the art of distressing I have picked their brains no end. Those of you who live in the southern part of India and don't speak the local language would understand what a herculean task this might have been. Language barrier be damned, I have made sure to extract every bit of information in their possession. Yes! I am crazy like that! As a result I have a treasure trove of tips and tricks on how to create the perfectly distressed piece of furniture.

Why do I love distressed furniture so much? Well, its just an extension of my love for all things vintage, things that have history and things that have a story to tell.......or in this case, at least look like they do. The pieces I own will definitely have a story or two up their sleeve about poor unsuspecting carpenters being driven up the wall by a plump overzealous woman putting them through a Spanish inquisition.

Distressed furniture has been trending for a while now but my gut tells me that this is one love affair that is going to last a lifetime and beyond. So don't be surprised if I rise up from the grave, cock my head and ask my grandchildren- Distress much?

 Alright, alright! Let me stop before these morbid visions and my inane attempts at humor get the better of me! Its not that kinda show! Oops! Blog! Unless some of the afore mentioned carpenters come back to haunt me! Aaaaaargh! Forgive me! I have missed my usual dose of crime thriller/ horror flicks this week. While i go make sure the  carpenters are safe and sound in their homes you feast on these beautifully distressed damsels I have 'dug up' for you. Eeeeeegaaaad! Frighten much?

So if you are like me and want to know more about distressed wood furniture, feel free to pick my brains. I promise not to come back to haunt you. ;) Drop me a line here and I will try my best to answer your queries.