Tuesday, 23 June 2015

SKY is the limit!

What happens when a Bandra boy meets a Lucknow girl at one of the premier design schools in the country?....... They conceive one of the most ingenious paper product brands in the country. Probably the only one of its kind!

Sky goodies is a brand inspired by geometry, paper and India's myriad colorful street art forms. The creative team behind the brand led by Misha Gudibanda, a Graphic & Communication Designer and Amit Gudibanda, an Industrial designer specializing in Product Design, strives to create products they are proud of. Which essentially translates into products that are not only visually appealing but also have utilitarian value and a kitschy whimsical charm. I posed a few questions to Misha about the story behind the brand and their journey so far and here’s what she had to say. Take it away Misha!

How did the idea for this venture originate?

We, Amit and I, had been building Sky Design (www.skydesign.in) since 2006, and had been working on large corporate projects. While the company was doing well and growing, we yearned in our hearts to make products that create value for users and were fun for us to make, too. We zeroed in on handmade gifts, as they have a high emotional value due to the effort that has been put into making them.

In 2013, we incorporated Sky Goodies and started experimenting with paper to create products that would make people happy. We listed the first few DIY templates on Etsy.com, and got a fabulous response from customers all over the world. Our typewriter calendars, in particular, were featured on Colossal, Babble and Etsy blogs and got us a lot of traffic. We started manufacturing DIY kits with pre-printed, pre-cut and pre-creased sheets; the idea was to make them so easy to put together, without using scissors or knives, that anybody could experience the joy of making. Later we introduced new collections like the Doodle planners, which were not DIYs, but still evoked a smile.

Why paper products?

Paper is a simple and common material, and very versatile. We want to make art approachable, affordable and fun, not uptight. Paper was the medium of choice because of its economy and vast potential to be molded into any form. It is easy to carry and store, and safe, too. The process of turning a flat surface into different objects is magical. We wish everybody could enjoy it.

DIY is all the rage in India and abroad. What's your take on DIY paper crafts and the DIY phenomenon

DIY has always been there, though people are rediscovering the joy and power of making. Making anything can be an immersive activity, where one can forget their stresses and focus on the task of making, and experience the joy of creating something of value. For both children and adults, it is social, enjoyable and challenging. We are surrounded by digital devices and live in the age of 'undo' and instant gratification. DIY takes us back to the simple joys of getting our hands dirty. For kids, DIY enhances motor skills, understanding of materials and tools, the ability to follow instructions and the ability to deal with failure. At Sky Goodies, we make intricately illustrated DIY kits which combine our love of paper and hand-painted art, and are colorful and bright. All our products have some use and we hope they bring a smile to people's faces.

Whats the story behind the name- SKY goodies?

'Sky' comes from our first company, Sky Design, which we founded in 2006. (We always loved and craved the vast blue endless sky, and also wanted a name that was easy to remember.) 'Goodies' is what the products are. We called them ‘Goodies’, because they are a visual treat (we hope!) and good enough to collect and use. 'Goodies' is also what our friends call us (short for our last name, Gudibanda).

What next for the brand? - Future plans/ products/ what can we expect to see?

We are working on entirely new product ranges in both DIY and non-DIY categories. The website is also going to have some new experiences and offerings, a lot of which will be free to use. You can expect to see these developments this year. Our own shop will also be opening very soon, off Carter Road, Mumbai.

The sheer ingenuity of these color happy goodies on offer at SKY will bowl you over. The Goodies truck, camera photo frame and typewriter calendars are my personal favorites. ‘We have had many adventures over 8 years of working together and we don't believe in working late nights’, enthuses Misha. Well Misha, I hope you have many more creative adventures in store for you and we get to see many more interesting products from this team that is bursting at the seams with their boundless creativity and enthusiasm for design. Thank you for sharing your story with us Misha !

You can get your SKY goodies here: www.skygoodies.co