Sunday, 21 June 2015

My Daddy strongest

Despite many attempts on my father's part to get me to practice yoga, I finally gave it a serious shot in my adult life only about 4 years ago. Prior to that I believed that I did'nt have the temperament required for yoga and I was more of a cardio and weights kinda gal. All my initial apprehensions were put to rest within a month of commencing my Yoga lessons. At this point I  have to mention that this can be largely attributed to my wonderful teacher who came home thrice a week and is one of the most inspiring and motivating  'trainers' I have worked with. Since then yoga has not only helped me lose weight but has also helped me resolve many of my health related issues. So I now have to grudgingly admit that Dad is always right! Myyyy Daddyyy strongest!

 Today happens to be world yoga day as well as father's day and I cant help but draw parallels between Yoga and fathers, more specifically mine. So I am listing down ways in which yoga has rescued me in the past few years in the same ways that Dad has for the past 3 decades.

Fitness-My father being an army man gives a lot of weightage to fitness and has always encouraged us to pursue a sport, exercise regularly and eat healthy. His mantra - only if you work hard at keeping fit, can you party hard. Well, you can't argue with that! :)

Anxiety decreases- Once you start practicing yoga on a regular basis you will realize that it plays a huge part in reducing stress and anxiety. It will help achieve a state of tranquility that you never imagined was possible. Much like my dad who is one of the calmest people i know. There are very few things in life that are capable of disturbing this zen-like contagious, calmness that he exudes.

Improves Emotional stability - At every point in life when I have been faced with emotional turmoil, dad has managed to restore a sense of  balance and security.

Creativity increases- My dad always manages to come up with the most ingenious solutions to most problems in life.

Gain clarity and peace of mind- Dad has always helped me put things in perspective with his logical reasoning and practical advice, in the process putting my mind to rest about whatever it is that is bothering me at the time.

Helps you relax- My Dad is one of the most entertaining and exuberant people I know and has a knack of making people relax and feel at ease around him. He believes the only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it and that having a sense of humor is very essential to survival.

Problems become smaller- Last but not the least and one that I am sure most of you can relate to- I believe all fathers are a combination of superheroes and magicians, who make the most daunting of circumstances seem like a walk in the park,  thus making all your problems disappear.

So if you can't get your dad to wear a cape :) , buy him one of these dandy accessories (above) that I have specially curated for Father's Day. The bar accessories are from one of my favorite brands- Happily unmarried and the drool-worthy vintage finds are from The Gentleman's community. Do check them out here and here. Happy Fathers Day! Stay fit, stay strong and make your Daddy proud!