Wednesday, 24 June 2015

LUST LIST: Basket case

Are you running out of ideas for a feature wall? Have you done it all –a picture wall, a plate wall, a wall with a display of masks? Relax! You can always count on the bug and me to come to your rescue. So take a deep breath, pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up on the couch and read on. 

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the ‘basket case’. A wall with baskets displayed on it adds a whimsical twist to your décor. You can use an assortment of baskets that you may have collected on your travels or a particular kind in varying shapes, sizes and colors. 

Today, I am lusting after these African baskets, more specifically the Swazi baskets. These highly collectible baskets are handmade in Swaziland from sisal fibers. Weavers take an average of 30 hours to create an 8 inch basket which makes these one of the most labor intensive of all African baskets.

Only around two dozen master weavers are capable of weaving baskets larger than 8 inches in diameter. Each large basket is a unique creation that is not repeated. The complex and intricate patterns are done without any planning or mathematical calculations. A natural talent for weaving one-of- a-kind patterns is a prerequisite for all master weavers.

While I am going bananas over these baskets and itching to buy them here and here, I am also longing to wander. Wait-a-minute!....... Do I hear the call of the wild!...... Already!..... I know I’ll be on the look out for these baskets when ‘the bug’ takes me to Africa. What about you?