Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Give me Red!

Those of you who have grown up watching television in India in the 90s are probably familiar with Eveready's tagline-Give me red. It is probably one of the most memorable taglines in the history of Indian advertising . The phrase always conjures up images of a black cat, thunderbolts and lighting. The 'Give Me Red' campaign was launched in the early 1990s and was targeted at youngsters in the age group of 15-25 years. “Give Me Red” stands for more than just the color red of the Eveready batteries. It is the brand's identity of power and energy.

The give me red campaign was relaunched last year with Akshay Kumar as the new brand ambassador.The campaign presents "Give Me Red" in a brand new avatar, making it relatable to today's youth along with showcasing its new products such as mobile chargers, LED lights and home lights. In its comeback avatar, “Give Me Red” stands for limitless power, originality, creativity and youthful energy. Much like these spaces I have been looking at today.

To me, reds and maroons have always been synonymous with garish Indian weddings and over the top décor in some north Indian homes. However with all the hoopla surrounding Marsala (an earthy wine red hue) in décor circles I have been slowly warming towards the crimson family. But these rooms  that I have been virtually walking into today have given me a fresh perspective and taught me a thing or two about  how to incorporate red in my décor. 

Love how these watermelon red accents have been used along with pale blue juxtaposed against an almost rustic, American country style backdrop. These spaces are all from different homes but don’t they seem as though they belong together? Well, it must be the Red - The colour of love and passion that has brought them together! ;)

Watch the old Eveready ad here

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