Thursday, 18 June 2015

Buntings & Baloons

I always squeal with child like glee at the sight of buntings and baloons. There is something about them that fills me with joy and excitement.  It reminds me of simpler times from childhood- birthday parties, carnivals, cotton candies, giant wheels and roller coasters.  If Buntings evoke similar emotions in you, you're gonna love this post. There are many ways in which you can incorporate buntings in your decor. Here are a few tips on how to:
-If your decor space uses only 2-3 colors, you could pick a monochrome bunting  in any one of theses colors.

-If you dont want to use a monochrome colour in such a space make sure the colour palette of your bunting complements the colour palette that you have used to do up your space. 

-while using monochrome buntings make sure to use a contrasting background(the wall or curtain over which you hang up your bunting).

-If you're space uses mutliple colors you could use colurful, flowery, printed buntings.

-while using printed buntings make sure you hang it up on a plain or contrasting background for maximum impact.
- If you want to incorporate buntings in a formal space or a space that utilizes muted colours, you could use buntings in white, beige, brown shades.

-You can hang buntings over your curtains, on a wall or you could hang a smaller one over a door.
-your bunting must complement the general mood of your decor space

- Dont restrict the use of buntings to your child's room and think of how you can incorporate it in other areas of your home- porch, bedroom, diniing room, living room or even your kitchen. 

Buntings are not meant for carnivals and birthday parties alone.With a littile imagination you can use them in your home as well and turn everyday into a celebration-a celebration of life. Now off you go, indulge the child in you and bring some bunting love into your home.