Saturday, 2 May 2015

An Indian raphsody: Part one

"So much of who you are is where you have been. Travel more. Be more."
Being an army brat I have studied in 9 different schools, lived in 13 towns, have more than one place I call home and after all these years I am still a little confused when people ask me where I am originally from. So I shouldn't have been surprised to discover that all these towns and cities have sneakily found their way into my present home . Read on to find out how.  

This rug is called gabba and its from Kashmir. When i first saw this rug it reminded me of a similar one my parents had while we were kids. My parents bought it in Leh, when they first started setting up home as newly weds. Leh also happens to be the place where i was conceived. When we were kids my mom would spread this rug on the floor so we could arrange our toys on it while we played. Over the years it has seen many uses-it was used to cover up a Diwan, was hung up as a wall hanging, used as a blanket and eventually, when it had seen better days, was passed on to our dog and her litter. So when i first spotted this rug, all these memories came flooding back and i had to make it my own.
Gujrat always evokes memories of hordes of bejewelled women doing the Garba and Dandiya in vibrantly coloured lehenga cholis during Navratri and a multitude of colourful kites spotting the sky during Uttarayn.When i was in my teens, my father was posted in Ahmedabad for a few years. In the 2 years that I lived in Gujrat, my parents made sure we saw every small town and city in the state. We travelled extensively and visited almost all the heritage sites, temples and monuments. I have memories attached to every town we visited-Porbander, Jamnnagar, Rajkot, Gir but the one place that took my breath away and stayed with me was the Rann of Kutch. The vast expanse of barren land, disappearing into the horizon left me feeling like a speck in the universe and rendered me speechless. Even today when i speak of Gujrat, I cant help but expound the beauty of the Rann and the design rich, color happy heritage of Kutch. So it was no surprise that when i came across this embroidered table cloth from Kutch fluttering in the wind at a flea market in Goa, twenty years later, I absolutely had to bring it home with me.
When i speak of Gujrat, I cannot help but mention Rajasthan in the same breath. As far as Iam concerned they are twin states, sisters married off to different families but inherently similar, soul sisters. We lived in Rajasthan for many years while growing up. For us Rajasthan is like a second home and the people of Rajasthan, our very own. As children we travelled the length and breadth of the state and have lived in the smallest of villages as well as the bigger cities in the state. Incidentally, my sister was also born in Rajasthan and just before she was married, we went on a two week long trousseau shopping spree to Rajasthan and Gujrat. I have a connection with this regal state on so many different levels, one that I cannot ignore.

I came across this stall selling colouful metal figurines from Rajasthan at a handicraft exhibition in Banglore. As is usually the case when I bump into people from the state, I struck up a conversation with the two girls manning the stall. Before I finished discussing the virtues of delicious Kachoris that one can only find in Rajasthan, i was in possession of this cute metal vase.
 To be continued..............
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