Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Mid-week mood #5: Pack of Two

In our quest for the perfect cushion cover to go with the freshly painted blue wall or a quirky decor accessory to add a little zing to a newly styled vignette, my sister and I have unearthed many treasures. You will catch glimpses of her in many of my posts and in everything else that I do. The fact is, she is partly responsible for this blog. While I am the writer, a lot of my ideas and leads for my research come from her.

So starting this week, we will be bringing you mood boards created by our little pack of two. We hope that our contrasting yet complimentary design sensibilities and decor philosophies will add value to your mid-week moods....... Wait! There's more! We will also tell you where to source these products or similar products from so you can recreate these moods in your home. 

So without further ado, the very first mid-week mood conceptualized by S&S. Watch us weave our own brand of magic……
 Mood A

Mood B
                1 India Circus                                   5 Home Elements
                2 Mm Rm foundation                               6 Fab furnish
                3                                         7 Fab furnish
                4 The Purple Turtles                             8 India Circus