Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Beach Happy!

          I think most people fall into one of two categories-beach people or mountain people. I once read somewhere that people who prefer holidaying or living in the mountains tend to be introverts while extroverts prefer the beach. I am still ambivalent about which category I fall into-extrovert or introvert. The jury is still out on that. However  I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that I am a beach person. This probably has something to do with the fact that I spent most of my early childhood years in a remote village in Rajasthan, India. Yes village! Not a town, not a city but a little village called Jasai in the Thar desert. We were surrounded by sand dunes and everywhere we looked there was dry, arid land. As a result I would  look forward to our annual trip to Bombay, in anticipation of catching a glimpse of the ocean. My desert weary eyes would instantly light up at the sight of the sea and the myriad possibilities it seemed to hold. Growing up I imagined that as an adult I would end up living in a coastal town/city.

Life had other plans for me and I ended up in Bangalore, once a pensioner’s paradise exemplified by cold winters and pleasantly warm summers. However, global climate change and urbanization is slowly transforming this garden city into yet another concrete jungle with extreme and unpredictable weather conditions. It’s no wonder that this summer, more than ever, I have been fantasizing about beach vacations and yearning for the sights and sounds of the ocean.  However, its going to be a while before I can take time off for a beach vacation, instead I am doing the next best thing - digging up pictures of beach houses and staring at them long and hard, in the hope that they will somehow appear out of thin air. (Yes the scorching heat is driving me insane!)  Alternatively, you could ignore my heat-crazed ramblings, feast your eyes on these drool-worthy beach homes and incorporate a few coastal elements into your decor. (Pssttt……and do let me know if you manage to conjure them up!;))

 For most people beach vacations are synonymous with wild drink-till-you-drop parties and cannot fathom one without a large group of friends. As for me I prefer doing beach vacations with small groups and am not averse to going solo either. (Yes I have been on beach vacations all by my self)  What’s so special about coastal destinations that makes you want to keep going back for more? For me it’s the vast expanse of water merging with the horizon, the smell of the sea, the wet sand sinking under my feet and the sound of waves crashing against rocks. But most importantly the sleepy, laid back vibe of a coastal town that feeds the quiet introspective mood that I thrive on, when I am on a beach by myself. What do you like about the ocean and beach vacations? Do you prefer beach holidays with large groups of people or would you rather go solo? Do write in and share your beach happy stories!