Saturday, 21 March 2015

Scattered windows, Connected doors

I have always loved photographing interesting windows and doorways. When I walk or drive past homes with unusual doors or windows, I imagine what these homes look and feel like from the inside- the kind of furniture I might find in them, the color of the walls, the books that line their shelves, the texture of the rugs and the food smells that permeate the curtains. I often catch myself wondering about the people who live in these homes as well-their aesthetic sense, their profession, books and movies they love, their lives. This kind of day dreaming gives a whole new meaning to long drives and road trips.

Today, I have unearthed (or should I say opened?) some such doors and windows that fuel my imagination and feed my day dreams. So make yourself a cup of tea/coffee, sit back, take a look at these pictures and let me know if they have a similar effect on you.
 Sometime back I finally  managed to catch the screening of Scattered windows, Connected doors. Its a documentary made by two film makers from Bangalore. The film captures the lives of 8 urban Indian women-their dreams, desires, failures, love, loss and what it means to be a woman. Its based on the premise that although as women we are all seemingly different, there is a single thread that connects us all to each other-the instinct for survival.

Sometimes, on long drives back from work I find myself staring out of the window and wondering if other women feel the same way as I do about issues related to their career, family, children, etc. This film validates most of these thoughts and feelings. So all you fabulous women out there, wistfully gazing out of your pretty little windows, thinking similar thoughts-know that we are all connected to each other through beautiful doorways that are always open, in case you need to reach out for help, a chat over 'chai' or just a warm hug. This post is dedicated to all of you who are not alone, yet feel lonely.
Images from herehere and here