Tuesday, 31 March 2015

LUST LIST: Tea time tales

Hatter: Well, I'd hardly finished the first verse when the Queen jumped
 up and bawled out- "He's murdering the time! Off with his head!"
 Alice: How dreadfully savage!
 Hatter: And ever since that he won't do a thing I ask! It's always six o'clock now.
 Alice: Is that the reason so many tea-things are put out here?
 Hatter: Yes, that's it, it's always tea-time,and we've no time to wash the
things between whiles.
In my home town, Coorg, tea times are something of a ritual. In every household people actually take the trouble to bring out their tea service, put milk,sugar and tea in their respective containers and cover the tea pot with a tea cozy.Usually an assortment of snacks are served with tea along with matching embroidered or lace napkins. This ritual is flawlessly executed by the lady of the house,every morning and evening, in most Coorg homes.Yes! You've guessed it! Vintage teacups are what I am currently lusting after. Take a look at these vintage beauties and tell me what you think!

These quaint traditions and dainty roses on vintage tea cups or fabric always remind me of my grandmother- her handkerchiefs with tiny roses embroidered or printed on them, pristine white starched sarees, the smell of perfume and naphthalene balls wafting out of her silk lined valise, her collection of vintage brooches. She was always so elegant, well put together and wouldn't dream of stepping out without perfume or a hand kerchief. 

These tea cups also make me nostalgic for the stories she told us about growing up during the 'raj', the English ladies she was friends with and the horse drawn carriages they traveled in before cars came to India. When I was little I listened to her with part wonder and part incredulity as though she was narrating a fairy tale. 

Apart from telling stories the other thing she was perpetually doing was visit family and friends over lunch or tea. So today as I write this, I hope she is clutching her rose printed hand kerchief, matching brooch firmly in place and having tea with her near and dear ones, in a wonderland of her own where its always tea time. 

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