Friday, 6 March 2015

Holi hai!

I have always loved spaces that use a multiude of colors and have a bohemian vibe. In my twenties I would use a lot of color to do up any space. However, with age my décor sensibility has slowly evolved into a more understated style. Having said that, using bright colors in my décor is still something I indulge in but with a little more restraint. 

This post is another example of my indulgence. As our country gears up to celebrate the festival of colors, I am playing with colors virtually. Take a look at these colorful, vibrant homes I have been peeping into. 
A girl's never too old for hot pink! 

Absolutely love that these two spaces look similar yet so different from each other.

Love the colors used in these two spaces.

You'll catch me beaming with pride every time I stumble upon spaces like these that unintentionally use indian elements (notice the lotus on the table and the peacock on the rug?).

Don't you just love this chair........ and the table setting? Would you ever want to eat out if your home looked like this!

Iam envious of how these nooks effortlessly scream for attention! Simple yet bold.
  Images from here and here

Don't you just love these gorgeous, color happy spaces? As for me these rooms shout out the arrival of spring-my favorite season. So, while I hear people squealing with fright/joy and exclamations of  'Holi hai' I can't help but wonder- are we ever too old to indulge in a little bit of mindless fun? No matter how old or how evolved we are, fooling around with colors/paints once in a while could'nt hurt.

Holi (pronunciation: /ˈhl/Sanskritहोली Holī) is a spring festival celebrated in India and is also known as the festival of colours or the festival of love. Read more about Holi here.