Tuesday, 2 June 2015


- Pronounced [vin-yet]
-Origin- French for little vine
In interior decor, a Vignette is a group of objects arranged in a purposeful manner so as to “tell a story”. I had been creating vignettes for years without knowing that was the term used for it. Once you finish reading this blog you might realize or notice that you have been doing the same.
A vignette in any given space, more often than not gives you an idea of what the rest of the decor might look like. In other words, when you see a picture of a vignette it should give you some insight into the mood of the space its placed in.

Here are a few tips to help you create vignettes around your house:
·         Layering is not meant for clothes alone! It is important to layer your objects-create layers from top to bottom or back to front. This adds depth to your vignette.

·         It’s a numbers game! For some reason while creating a well styled vignette it is easier to work with an odd number of objects. Ideally groups of 5 or 7 facilitate layering.

·         Size does matter! Group together objects of different shapes and sizes –thin and tall with short and stout, large with small.

·         Organic is healthy ! Using organic elements adds softness and texture to your vignette. You could use flowers, fruits, pine cones, potpourri or even colorful fruits to add a splash of color to complement your vignette.

·         Anchor! Choose an anchor piece and then create your vignette around it. An anchor piece is usually an object that has the maximum weight visually. It usually stands out because of its size, color or material.

·         Height order! Arrange your objects in height order-taller objects at the back and shorter ones in the front. Stagger your pieces instead of arranging them in a straight line. This adds depth to your arrangement.  If the pieces you’re using to create the vignette are all of the same size you could create height by placing some of the objects on a stack of books or a decorative storage box.

·         Style! Make sure the color and style of your vignette is consistent with the rest of your décor and is a reflection of your décor style. If you create your vignette in a formal space make sure the objects are arranged symmetrically.

·         Let there be light! Try placing your vignette below a drop down lamp or next to a table lamp or floor lamp. Building your vignette around a light source draws attention to it.

Before you start creating a vignette, scout around your house for objects you can use to create the vignette. You could use books, vases, candle stands, decorative bowls, mirrors, paintings, picture frames, keepsakes, souvenirs.

  A decorative design or small illustration used on the title page of a book or at the beginning or end of a chapter is also called a vignette.

 In a movie or in theatre it’s a brief incident or scene that gives you a clear idea about a character, idea or a setting.

Whereas in literature it’s a short descriptive literary sketch.
Would’nt it be so much easier if everything in life came with a vignette?  If every job, relationship or person came with a little box of things or a picture that would give us an insight into how our career or relationship will turn out. We would always know what to expect and it would save us so much grief and disappointment.

On the other hand, what would life be without the mystery of magic and miracles? Would you be willing to trade the thrill of discovery and adventure for the safety of knowledge and foresight?